Academic Program

Saint Gertrude High School has a long tradition of educating all girls in a nurturing environment that combines high expectations, dedicated faculty, small class size, and Catholic values so that young women can reach their full potential. The School’s academic program seeks to foster intellectual curiosity, hard work, leadership, and academic excellence.  

An engaging college preparatory program prepares students for admission to a wide variety of colleges and universities. Honors classes and advanced placement courses are offered for those students qualifying for increased rigor and challenge. In addition, numerous leadership opportunities foster confidence and maturity in young women. Graduates of Saint Gertrude High School leave prepared for the social and academic challenges of university life.


Our knowledgeable, professional faculty members create a positive learning environment for young women and utilize a variety of instructional strategies that challenge students to be their best.

College Prep

All courses at SGHS are designed to be challenging and rigorous in nature thereby earning the designation as College Prep. College Prep classes have stringent scholastic requirements which include high academic expectations and a correlating amount of class work.

Honors Level Classes

An honors student is expected to be self-motivated, self-directed, and to take personal responsibility for her learning. Advanced skills in reading comprehension, writing and mathematics are essential to success in honors classes. Placement into honors is based on teacher recommendations and the following skills: exemplary study skills, achievement beyond the compulsory, self advocacy, class participation, and demonstrated responsibility. Students must also meet specific departmental criteria.

Digital Literacy

The online environment encourages students to become independent, self motivated learners, valuable skills for lifelong learning. Digital literacy is an online nine week course designed to give freshmen and transfer students the tools they need to be active and engaged 21st century learners. As a result of this course, students learn to access information responsibly, reflect critically on their findings, and communicate what they have learned with others. These academic skills will be valuable both during the student’s years at Saint Gertrude High School, as well as college and beyond. Students also develop good digital citizenship skills and put those skills into practice. Students are mindful of the digital footprint they create.

Saint Gertrude High School is an independent Catholic college preparatory day school for girls grades 9-12