Welcome to the Saint Gertrude High School Library

The light-filled Saint Gertrude High School Library is a vibrant center of learning and research within our school. Guided by the curriculum and the objectives of the school, the Library provides a friendly atmosphere that encourages students and faculty to make use of the available resources. Spaces for collaborative projects and individual study are located in the Library and adjoining multi-media labs. Students get hands-on experiences with digital resources and tools that prepare them to become lifelong library and information users. Digital reference sources provide students with opportunities to develop search strategies and information literacy skills for future library use at the college level and beyond. By providing both contemporary and classic fiction, the program also strives to instill in the students a desire to read for pleasure.
The library is the information hub of the school and makes available both print and digital resources for academic and individual pursuits. The automated library catalog and circulation system provide access to library holdings. Further research sources are provided through the library’s online subscriptions which can be accessed through any school computer or from home through the Saint Gertrude High School Learning Management System, Gatornet.

SGHS is a 1:1 Bring Your Own Device school. However, to support the additional needs of our community, desktop computers, laptops, and printers are available during the school day and before and after school for use by faculty, students, and staff. Teachers schedule time in the Library or labs with their classes creating a blended learning environment where technology tools support instructional goals. Collaboration between Library staff and faculty integrates content, Web 2.0 tools and information/media literacy.

Technology Integration

Saint Gertrude High School approaches technology integration with our school mission as the driving force. Developing critical thinking and creative expression while maintaining a high moral character, is the foundation to all projects in the technology program. Our students gain firsthand knowledge of how technology can be used to help them solve problems, think deeper and demonstrate creativity. By the time they graduate, the girls have learned to apply technology to all aspects of their academic life.
The Technology Department works closely with all the teachers and students to support their use of technology within different classes. Below are just a few examples of how we have integrated technology into the different departments.


Collect and analyze data using probes
Analyze data using graphs created in Microsoft Excel Google Sheets
Compare and Contrast data using a database


Demonstrate written knowledge of language through a variety of projects using publishing programs, wikis and blogs
Listen and watch newscasts on current topics in the language studied
Listen and create podcasts to practice spoken language
Participate in Global exchange (ePals)
Use variety of apps to practice skills and demonstrate understanding


Reflect and enrich faith with a variety of projects that use Adobe Photoshop, publishing software, presentation software and blogs
Collaborate on multiple digital projects and presentations
Build interactive white board lessons to teach peers


Peer review work digitally
Review books using a school wiki
Film & Edit skits of classic plays

Social Studies

Create Virtual Exhibitions to support Research Papers
Create Digital Movies to present knowledge of time periods
Create a class wiki as a successful study tool for midterms
Collaborate on building websites to showcase research
Collaborate on presentations and documents to display understanding and teach peers concepts


Create electronic portfolio of work
Scan and manipulate images of artwork
Digitally create and manipulate music


Create and manipulate equations to create graphs and shapes
Manipulate a variety of software that emulates concepts
Use Explain Everything virtual whiteboard to display understanding of concepts and create study guides.

The Technology Department firmly believes in providing extensive and reliable network resources and devices.

Saint Gertrude High School is an independent Catholic college preparatory day school for girls grades 9-12