The religious education program at Saint Gertrude High School has a twofold purpose: to impart knowledge of Catholic doctrine and to foster an environment in which a person can mature in faith, realize her Christian identity, and formulate a value system based on a knowledge of her own self-worth and respect for others.
Through a knowledge of Scripture and a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ, she will become more capable of developing a Christian conscience, making moral decisions, and living a life based on Gospel values.
She will be an active member of the Christian community, expressing her faith in liturgical celebration, private prayer, and service to the needs of others. Through shared faith, the encouragement of her fellow students and faculty, and a study of the history of God's people, she will enjoy the richness of humankind's experience as revealed to her through these sources.
Prayer is an important part of the entire student life. Morning prayer begins each day and prayer is encouraged at the beginning of each class. The blessing for lunch is read over the announcements as well as a prayer for peace at the end of the day. Each student will experience weekly prayer services and monthly Liturgies. Liturgical seasons are observed with special programs.  A day of retreat is provided for each class.


Saint Gertrude High School is an independent Catholic college preparatory day school for girls grades 9-12