Big Sister/Little Sister

Big Sis/Little Sis is a peer support program set up for all incoming ninth graders that continues throughout the four years. Each student entering ninth grade is paired with a "Big Sis" in the eleventh grade and these students remain paired until the "Big Sis" graduates. Upon entry into the eleventh grade, students are paired with a "Little Sis" from the incoming Freshman class.

Big sisters and little sisters meet periodically throughout the year at designated times for the pair to get to know each other through activities or projects. Eventually through this program, the upperclassmen will be in a position to provide the needed guidance and support for the younger students. As a result of the friendships that develop through the Big Sis/Little Sis endeavor, students form bonds that they treasure for many years with students outside of their immediate circle of friends or classmates.

Saint Gertrude High School is an independent Catholic college preparatory day school for girls grades 9-12