The expressive and transformative power of the Visual & Performing Arts is best understood through active, creative participation by each individual. Students in the Visual & Performing Arts Department learn to become artistically literate in the skills of art, music, drama and dance for life-long involvement.  In addition, the study of the Visual & Performing Arts enables students to develop the broader abilities of creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, perseverance, and accountability.
In keeping with the school’s mission, the Visual & Performing Arts Department seeks to nurture all students – not just those identified as “talented” – with a balanced and complete education that includes the Visual & Performing Arts. The Arts are essential for each student because they are vital to understanding cultures, conveying ideas, and discovering who we are. Producing expressive works in the Arts allows students to experience inspiration and the joy of creativity, demonstrate excellence, and infuse our lives with meaning. The Arts are the basis for developing the creative and intellectual resources so crucial to innovation in today’s economy.

Saint Gertrude High School is an independent Catholic college preparatory day school for girls grades 9-12